Community Overview

The Cincinnati/Northern KY area is made up of many smaller communities, each with it's own history and personality.  There is somethig for everyone here, whether you are looking to live downtown in one of the many new lofts or condos; in the city but a residential, walk to everything, community; to the suburbs with cul de sacs and sidewalks. 

The Cincinnati area is considered a very affordable area to work and live.  Regarless of your needs, I am willing, and able to assist.  I am a Certified Relocation Specialist, New Construction Certified, as well as an Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR), Certified in Short Sales, Foreclosures and Reo properties (SFR), and a skilled negotiator and marketer for home listings.

More Buying Power

According to the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors, real estate experts say that trying to buy a home at the lowest possible price is understandable, but affordability is the one of the best metrics for helping you decide when to buy. In simple terms, if thecost of owning your own home is even close to renting, and you can afford the costs, then buying a home is the way to go.  As of Nov. 2010:

                                                                    Nation                                   Cincinnati Area

1) Median-priced home                                   $177,900                               $137,250

2) Monthly mortgage payment                               $745                                     $562

(based on a 20% down payment)

3) Median annual income                                 $ 61,652                                $ 69,500

--------------------- -------------------

Overall Home Affordability Index*                              172                                        257 (higher is better)

*An index score of “100” means a qualified home buyer with a median income has exactly

enough income for an 80% mortgage on a median-priced home.

[The illustration above is from the July-September 2010 time period.]

The above comparison shows Home Affordability for Greater Cincinnati has never been better. The Cincinnati area was favorable in all three measured components and, correspondingly, the overallHome Affordability Index. Comparing Cincinnati’s affordability index of 257 vs.172 for the nationmeans that local buyers have 49% more buying power than the average national buyer!

Affordability Helps Sellers, Too

Affordability benefits sellers, too. If you’re faced with selling your current home at a reduced price, takeheart in knowing you, too, can benefit from the favorable affordability index. Sellers often discoverthey are able to more than offset their loss by the money they save on the next home they purchase.